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Please note:

  • We follow the Oceanside School Calendar for scheduling purposes and do NOT hold classes when schools are closed.

  • There will be NO classes November 10th-14th.

  • The best way to reach us is by email: courtney@2thestage.com, as we are not always in the office.

Tuition Info:

  • $100 deposit is required to hold a spot/to start the class.

  • Prices listed below are for the full session

  • There are NO refunds after the start of the second class.

  • There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee if tuition is not paid in full by the first day of class and for class withdrawals before the session begins.

  • Ticket prices depend on the show venue. Ranging between $0-$15

Class Descriptions

Pre-K/Kindergarten: The students work on building confidence and developing their singing, acting, dancing, & speaking skills through storybooks, nursery rhymes, puppets, and youthful songs. It is all about exploring their imaginations and creativity! 

1st-2nd Grade: The emphasis is on the development of performance techniques, public speaking skills, building confidence/self esteem, improvisational/acting activities. 

Solos/Monologues: Each student gets to play their own "leading" character through his/her own solo song and monologue (straight acting). We then work individually on "perfecting" these 2 pieces and it ends in a showcase performance of their work. We also work on building confidence, public speaking, self esteem, and play improvisational/acting games. This class focuses on more individualized attention and is highly recommended for students who are serious about performing.

Science Rocks: Inspire the wonder in your child while they discover, explore, learn, and grow through hands on, age appropriate science experiments. In this 1 hour class, we experience nature discovery, slime making, ocean discovery, fun with magnets, dinosaur digs, volcano making, and more! Includes all materials. 

Grades 3-4: The emphasis is on the development of performance techniques, public speaking skills, building confidence/self esteem, improvisational/acting activities.


Grades 5-7th: Students will focus on technique and work in a more "advanced" environment, working towards a full-scale show.

7th-9th Grade Advanced: A by-audition only class for advanced students. Students will work with a musical director/choreographer/and director with a final show at an outside venue.

TV/Film/Commercial On-Camera: Why scroll endlessly through apps such as Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter looking for the next viral video, when you could learn how to create one with nothing more than an iPhone (or any camera phone)! Students will work hands-on and create various 30 seconds to 1 minute videos, where they will focus on different videography techniques, what makes a viral video, and most importantly, how to channel their creativity while using their cell phone in a safe and productive way. Students will also work on scenes from television shows, films, and commercials. Students will what is needed to excel in the on-camera world. Professional filming and viewing at the end of the session.